My name is Katie Hedley and I’m the proud owner of Eat. Press. Catering, making healthy food filled with love and compassion.
People can’t help coming back for seconds!

Eat. Press. Catering. is a personalized service with 100% fresh and homemade foods. My inspiration stems from studying nutrition and wanting to supply healthy ingredients to individuals on the move. I have been working in the catering field for seven years and have learned that not only do nutrients energize your body but also the people delivering the service can provide a revitalizing experience.

Have you ever had the experience bringing a gigantic smile to an individual’s face through your work?

It all started when my mother was trying to teach me some recipes the summer before I ventured off to college at Arizona State. My mother knew I was getting into dorm food and the occasional top ramen and cereal with little to no student money. She also knew I was playing water polo all four years and needed the proper nutrients and energy to get me through the day. She sent me with a binder full of easy to make recipes for just myself or even roommates. After failed attempts at making microwaveable rice and eggs, it finally clicked. “When I get out of the dorms and into an apartment I want to cook on a regular basis and explore the culinary field!”

My second and third year at Arizona State I lived with a few of my teammates in an apartment. Every night around 7:00 p.m. I would call my mom in California for oven temperature settings, the amount of olive oil she drizzled over veggies, or even the amount of ground turkey meat she cooked for a party of four. It never failed that I made dinner every night for my roommates and friends. The smiles, compliments and of course the wine was flowing. The room was filled with warm energy and happy bellies.

It then dawned on me that everyone around me enjoyed my healthy cooking, so why not go learn more about the nutritional value in food. I graduated with a B.S. in Nutrition Management and Education. After college I started working with a catering company in Orange County and then in Denver. When I ventured back to California my dreams lead me to the same endeavors of working with food. So I proceeded to cater and work at a restaurant learning the in’s and outs of owning my own business.